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SEE: Roger, impressed with Sachin's forehand?

By Rediff Sports
July 04, 2020 11:10 IST
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Sachin Tendulkar

IMAGE: Sachin Tendulkar during a game of tennis. Photograph and Video: Kind courtesy, Sachin Tendulkar/Instagram

Sachin Tendulkar has taken to the tennis court these days.



Sachin thrilled zillions of fans when he blasted a one-handed forehand ala his good friend from Switzerland, who turns 39 on August 8.

'Hey @rogerfederer! Any tips for my forehand?' Sachin captioned the Instavideo.

When he was growing up in Sahitya Sahavas, the writer's colony in Bandra East, north west Mumbai, Sachin was a huge fan of John McEnroe. He even sported a hairstyle and hairband like the temperamental American ace.

A keen tennis buff, Sachin is also a regular at Wimbledon every year.

Mahesh Bhupathi -- one of eight tennis players to achieve a career Grand Slam in mixed doubles -- is one of the many impressed with Tendulkar's tennis skills.

'I have played tennis with Sachin and he has a mean forehand!' Mahesh told Outlook magazine in 2013.

Roger is a big Sachin fan too -- of the great man's cricketing feats, that is. Whenever Roger plays cricket video games, he likes to play as Tendulkar!

'When Roger plays (cricket) video games,' Sachin revealed in 2017, 'Roger prefers to be Sachin and when I am playing any racquet game, I prefer to be Roger'. Cute.

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