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Rahul woos Tamil Nadu with push-ups, Aikido

March 01, 2021 19:21 IST
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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi appears to be in complete poll mode as he continues campaigning for the upcoming elections in four states and Puducherry.

IMAGE: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi does push-ups with a school student obliging his challenge, at Mulagumoodu, Tamil Nadu. Photograph: PTI Photo

While interacting with students of St Joseph’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Mulagumoodubn, Tamil Nadu, Rahul Gandhi not only shook a leg with the students but also did push-ups and performed some Aikido martial arts. Rahul even went on to do a one-hand push-up leading to a loud cheer out from the students.


A nearly one-minute-long clip shows the Kerala MP from Wayanad taking up the "push-up challenge" while talking to a student. "Can you do push-ups. Let's try 15?" he is asked by Merolin Shenigha, a class 10 student.


Handing over the mic, Rahul Gandhi smiles, and then he gets down to the task. Merolin and Gandhi are seen doing one push-up after the other.

Rahul also showed an Aikido move with a male student.

Rahul then participated in what seemed to be a group dance with the students, moving in sync by holding hands and waving hands.

Earlier, Rahul addressed a rally in Nagercoil, in the southern Kanyakumari district. Gandhi said that the people of Tamil Nadu should show a way to India in keeping away the forces that are inimical to language and culture and those projecting the concept of one culture, one nation and one history.

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