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Venice underwater after being hit by 'exceptionally high tide'

November 13, 2019 08:29 IST

Venice, Italy’s famous city of canals, is as much on the front line of climate change as anywhere else, and now that line is under water.

Venice has been hit by the second worst floods on record, leaving an 'indelible wound' on the historic Italian city.

Water flooded the city's historic basilica and left many of its squares and alleyways deep underwater.

City officials said the tide peaked at 187 cm (6.14 ft) at 10.50 pm (local time), just short of the record 194 cm set in 1966.

A flooded St Mark's Square due to the exceptionally intense "acqua alta," or high waters in Venice, Italy. Photograph: Manuel Silvestri/Reuters

A woman with a child walks in the flooded St Mark's Square. St Mark’s Square at the city center has gone from flooding four times a year in 1900 to over 60 times annually in recent years. The famous Basilica of the same name also flooded on Tuesday for just the sixth time in twelve centuries - the fifth time was in 2018. Photograph: Manuel Silvestri/Reuters

People walk in a flooded street.A couple of French tourists caught out said they had "effectively swum" after some of the wooden platforms placed around the city in areas prone to flooding overturned. Photograph: Manuel Silvestri/Reuters

Tourists sit at flooded St Mark's Square. Tables and chairs set out for aperitifs bobbed along owing to the collection of water. Photograph: Manuel Silvestri/Reuters

A water taxi transported by the water into a street. Photograph: Manuel Silvestri/Reuters

Gondolas on a street during a night of record high water in Venice. Photograph: Manuel Silvestri/Reuters

People walk on a catwalk in the flooded St Mark's Square. Venice officials have erected wooden catwalks in severely flooded areas to provide safety for people trying to get from place to place. Photograph: Manuel Silvestri/Reuters

Tourists and Venetians donned rubber boots and walked on catwalks to avoid being soaked in the historical city's flooded streets. Photograph: Manuel Silvestri/Reuters

A shopkeeper tries to funnel the water out of his store in Venice. Photograph: Manuel Silvestri/Reuters

Businesses, cafes were asked to shut by officials as a precaution. Photograph: Manuel Silvestri/Reuters