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Snake vs crocodile. Who wins the battle?

June 27, 2019 08:33 IST
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What happens when a python comes face to face with a massive crocodile?

If this incident is to go by, the massive olive python wins as it swallowed a massive crocodile whole after it squeezed the life out of the larger reptile in a murky Australian swamp.

Watch the duel, in images.

Photograph: GG Wilidlife Rescue/Facebook

The olive python, the second largest snake in Australia, came face to face with the crocodile in Queensland, Australia. In order to devour its prey, the python had unhinged its jaw after first squeezing the reptile to death using its muscular frame.

The olive python's body is filled with the bulk of the freshwater crocodile bulging beneath its muscular length as it devours the tail of the larger reptile.

The spectacle was captured by a kayaker. The slithering reptile's hefty coils are wrapped around the crocodile as one of its feet pokes out.

The colossal trunk of the snake winds around the crocodile on the murky swamp floor -- the huge snake's are known to reach 13ft in length.

The images have been shared over 27 thousand times. On Facebook, users expressed their shock at the python being higher in the food chain than the crocodile.

Followers found the whole ordeal difficult to process, with some saying they hoped to never run into an Olive Python and truth be said, nor would we like to.

The satiated snake lies on the murky swamp floor with the crocodile's body visible in the middle of its length.
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