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Girl strikes a pose in flooded Patna, breaks internet

October 01, 2019 16:10 IST

Bihar is battling its worst floods as water level in the Ganga and other rivers surged after heavy rainfall lashed the region.

At least 28 people have so far lost their lives in the floods.

Amidst this chaos, Patna-based photographer Saurav Anuraj along with NIFT student Aditi Singh took an 'unique' way to show the devastating floods.

The photographer with his 'mermaid in disaster' did a photoshoot on the flooded streets of Patna.

Aditi, draped in a half-slit red dress, posed for the camera in heels on the flooded roads.


The photos were shared on Instagram by Anuraj with the caption, "Mermaid in disaster!! Shot during the flood like situation in Patna."

According to Anuraj, the purpose of the shoot to show the condition of the city.

However, it has left internet with divided opinions.

While many happened to hail the concept of the shoot, others criticised the "romanticisation of flood."

What do you think of the photoshoot?

Photographs: sauravanuraj/Instagram