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Dom's Take: An Unexpected Crash

July 14, 2020 15:01 IST
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On Monday, we had hoped that Sachin Pilot's rebellion would jolt the Congress's ruling trinity -- the mother, son and daughter -- and compel them to do justice to a high performing politician who had delivered Rajasthan to the party in December 2018 after its electoral debacle under Ashok Gehlot's leadershp five years earlier.

Didn't happen.

On Tuesday afternoon, Pilot was ejected both as state deputy chief minister and president of the Rajasthan Congress Pradesh Committee.

We aren't sure if Sachin is headed BJP wards, but his departure, we believe, is a big loss for a party so limited in youthful talent (naah, we don't rate the MP from Wayanad or his sister highly on political skills).

Dominic Xavier offers his take on Pilot's aborted revolt after claiming on Sunday that he had the support of 30 Congress MLAs.


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