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Why Gauri Didn't Go To Pick Up Aryan

October 30, 2021 15:02 IST
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IMAGE: Aryan Khan. Photograph: Deepak Salvi/ANI Photo

Minutes before Shah Rukh Khan entered the gates of his family residence Mannat with his elder son Aryan, fans were seen thronging in massive numbers with banners and slogans hailing the victory of truth, etc.

Aryan's mother Gauri did not accompany her husband to bring back their son from prison.

"She didn't want to create a scene for the paparazzi. Gauri couldn't trust herself not to break down on seeing her son. Shah Rukh is not one to break down in public," a family friend tells Subhash K Jha.


While fans chanted, Aaryan arrived home quietly.

"Not a word was said. He had come home. And that's enough to chew on at the moment," says the close friend who says he was requested not to be present at Mannat to receive Aryan.

"No visitors, Everyone has been told to let Aryan have his space to deal with what has happened. If Aryan wants to go for a family vacation, Shah Rukh is game. If Aryan wants to see a therapist,so be it. If Aryan wants to just remain in his room for a few days, the family will just do what he wants," says the family friend.

Shah Rukh Khan won't return to work for some time now.

"He just wants to be there for his son for now. Nothing else matters. He has put all pending work on hold," says the source, adding, "It can be a week, months or even a whole year."

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