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'Kriti is a hopeless romantic'

April 16, 2020 12:21 IST
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'The timing of the lockdown was such that Kriti was at home after more than a month of shooting.'
'So we are getting good family time.'

Nupur Sanon has been testing the waters before her big Bollywood acting debut.

Nupur -- Kriti Sanon's younger sister -- sang the single Filhaal, which featured Akshay Kumar no less.

Her debut is currently on hold because of the lockdown, but the training has not stopped.

"Kriti is a very good daughter, better than me and I hate to admit it. She's one of those responsible people who always abides what their parents say," Nupur tells Patcy N/ about her elder sis.

Is singing a hobby or do you want to pursue it as a career?

Singing is more than a hobby, but acting is my professional priority.

Singing is my passion.

It's something that keeps me connected to myself.

I have been learning singing professionally since school.

Classical singing gives me peace.

How did Filhaal happen?

I used to make so many covers with my friends just casually, not professionally at a studio.

In 2012 or 2013, I decided to make my first YouTube video.

We were just at home, singing.

I think it was around Dilwale (featuring Kriti along with Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Varun Dhawan), I was singing Janam Janam jamming with my friends at home.

We shot it on a phone and it got a million views.

That's when I decided that I can make covers.

Filhaal came from my heart. It was exciting and overwhelming to sing my own song.

It was beautiful to see my friends and people sending me messages that they downloaded my song.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Nupur Sanon/Instagram

How did Akshay Kumar come on board?

I called him up while I was shooting in the morning and requested him.

We needed a five-minute shoot with him.

It was just one shot and I felt I had to ask him, even if he turned me down or said he's busy.

In my heart, I knew Filhaal could not be complete without Akshay sir in it.

I was so surprised that despite having a shoot that day, and he was shooting far away from our shoot in Mumbai, after his pack-up, he came for exactly five-seven minutes and gave a brilliant shot. It took the video to another level.

How is it working with him?

It's the best thing that can happen to a newcomer, to walk with someone who is as experienced and comforting as him.

I got to study a lot from him.

I got a lot of guidance.

What kind of relationship do you share with Kriti?

When we were kids, we were used to fight a lot more. Those fights have dheere dheere gone, almost become zero.

We rarely fight.

We do have silly arguments, but not major fights.

We have become each other's best friends.

If I take a free fall, I know she will catch me.

I can speak my heart out to her.

It is a beautiful relationship.

Now that you are homebound, how are the two sisters spending time?

This lockdown has not really changed too much for us because we spend a lot of time with each other ever since we've been staying together in Mumbai.

The timing of the lockdown was such that she was at home after more than a month of shooting.

It's been a long time that I had seen her and then this lockdown happened.

So we are getting good family time, we are playing games.

We are cleaning each other's cupboards.

We are reading.

We take turns cooking.

We are watching Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Kriti Sanon/Instagram

Tell us a few things we don't know about Kriti.

She is a very emotional person. I don't know if that comes across in her interviews.

She is a very good daughter, better than me and I hate to admit it. She's one of those responsible people who always abides what their parents say.

She's not rebellious at all.

She is extremely patient, I don't know where she gets that from. It takes a lot of patience to be an outsider and not have any contact in the industry.

She's a hopeless romantic, one of those girls we see in films and books.

She's very loyal and deserves the best.

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