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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Movies » Koffee With Karan 7: 10 REVELATIONS From Kiara-Shahid

Koffee With Karan 7: 10 REVELATIONS From Kiara-Shahid

August 26, 2022 14:35 IST
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After delivering 2019's massive hit Kabir Singh, Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani come together once again for the eighth episode of Koffee With Karan 7.

The actors share a beautiful friendship that was quite evident from their banter on the Koffee couch.

From getting candid about their partners to confessing their embarrassing stories and cringe performances, Sasha and Kiara -- and, of course, the host Karan Johar -- gave us an entertaining episode.

Namrata Thakker brings you the highlights.


Shahid on dealing with failure

After giving the big hit Kabir Singh, everyone was looking forward to Shahid's next film Jersey, but it did not do well in theatres.

'We were supposed to release the film on December 31, but couldn't because COVID came in and Delhi got shut down,' Shahid said.

'It literally happened three days before. All our marketing material was out and everything had been released and very clearly in my head in December, I asked myself, "Am I thinking from my head or from my heart?" Because it was a film that was very close to our hearts and I was very emotionally involved in the character and the father-son dynamic had affected me personally as well.

'When in December it didn't happen, I was really thinking that should we just straight go to digital now. Unfortunately, we released in April, which was not a great month for us because there was a certain mood and a certain type of cinema which the audience was watching and we had shifted our date multiple times by the time we released, but you are still optimistic and hopeful thinking that things will get sorted but it didn't work out like that.'


Kiara on her relationship with Sidharth

Yes, the teasing continued from the previous episode, when Sidharth Malhotra was asked to fess up his relationship with Kiara.

Kiara did not accept her relationship openly either, but did admit that they were 'more than just good friends'.

That's not all.

During a fun game segment, she also revealed that Sid has never given her a gift that she didn't like.



Kiara's first meeting with Sid

Kiara may not have revealed her relationship status, but she did speak candidly about Sid and how they first met.

'Funnily, Sid and I knew each other before we were cast together in Shershaah. We started talking at the wrap up party of Lust Stories which we (Kiara and Karan Johar) crashed. We casually met.'

Hearing this, Sasha told Kiara it's nice that she remembers their first meeting so clearly and she replied, 'Of course, I'll never forget that night.'


Shahid on marrying Mira Rajput

When Karan asked Shahid if marrying someone from outside the film industry was a conscious choice, he said marrying Mira was the best thing that ever happened to him.

'So for me, it was very simple. I have two very distinct sides to myself. One is obviously what people see of me being an actor, and from the fraternity, and the glitz and the glamour, you know all that. And then I also have a very homely and spiritual side to myself.'

'I have a deep faith and I am vegetarian. I don't drink. You know, I have all those things, so, I always found it difficult to come across somebody, who would be able to understand both sides of me. And I really struggled with that,' he said.

'I was 34 and I was kind of ready to settle down because I had been living on my own for over 10 years and just at that time, through family and through friends everything came up but it just happened and we met and it's the best thing that happened in my life.'


Kriti Sanon was first offered Lust Stories

Yes, Kiara was not the first choice for the Lust Stories segment, directed by Karan Johar.

KJo said Kriti Sanon rejected the offer, as her mother Professor Geeta Sanon didn't want her to do the orgasm scene.

'I thought everybody's mom would stand in line, not allowing their daughters. It's actually a very empowering story. It's about a woman's right to pleasure. So I met Kiara at Manish Malhotra's house, and I just saw her, I knew her of course, I knew her as Alia Advani then... So I met her and I asked if she could come tomorrow and meet me for a short film. She came and she heard it and then she was a little zoned out.'

But Kiara finally accepted the movie offer as she wanted to work with Karan.


Kiara's most embarrassing moment

Kiara narrated her most embarrassed moment at an industry party, when she was quite young and still had not debuted in the movies:

'So, basically, Juhi Chawla is a very close family friend. She knew I wanted to get into the movies. She had done the movie I Am, which won the National Award, for which they had a party. She invited me because she wanted to introduce me to the director (Sujoy Ghosh). She knew I was aspiring to be an actor.

'So, I went, I was quite young. I was having this conversation with the director, and it was a busy crowded party. I was standing next to him and talking, and he lifted his hand. I thought it was the end of the conversation, and we should hug and say bye. But he was calling somebody else. And I went in for a hug.'


Shahid's shoe discussion

While playing the Bingo game, Kiara confessed that she bitch-slapped Shahid in her head during Kabir Singh's shoot.

She tells the story: 'It was my third or fourth day of shooting, and I was made to wait for eight hours because there was a discussion regarding what shoes Shahid would wear in the next scene.'

It was a 'tough' decision between chappals and boots.


Alia Bhatt in Kiara's bride squad

During the Rapid Fire round, Kiara announced that she wants Sidharth's ex-girlfriend Alia Bhatt to be in her bride squad.

'I'd really love Alia Bhatt to be in my bride squad. I love her. She is so cute,' said Kiara, whose real first name is also Alia.


Shahid's cringe performance

When asked if Shahid had cringed while watching any of his movies, he picked his act from Batti Gul Meter Chalu.

He said he didn't understand why he kept say 'Bal' throughout the movie.


Sidharth is a good singer

Now this revelation may take many by surprise, but during the Rapid Fire round, Kiara mentioned Sid is a good singer and has a nice voice but he hasn't really done anything about it.


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