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How Well Do You Know The YRF Spy Universe?

Last updated on: November 09, 2023 11:51 IST
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Sukanya Verma quizzes you to find out just how much you know about the movies.

What do Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and Ashutosh Rana have in common?

They are all secret agents of the YRF Spy Universe (Ek Tha Tiger, War, Tiger Zinda Hai, Pathaan, Tiger 3) where big budget patriotism, glamorous action and swaggering style, filmed across stunning international destinations, strives for wolf whistling reactions from its shuddh desi audience.

As the third film in the Tiger series and fifth of the YRF franchise, Tiger 3, readies to hit the screens this Diwali, here's a special quiz to test your know-how of this super secretive crossover universe.

You have to answer each question to move on to the next.

Q1 What's the first dialogue spoken by Shah Rukh Khan in Pathaan?
A. Aye Hindi!
B. Abbe Hindi mein bol.
C. ...Zinda hai!
  A. Aye Hindi!
Q2 Which Iraqi city forms the backdrop of Salman Khan's introduction scene in Ek Tha Tiger?
A. Mosul
B. Zakho
C. Baghdad
  B. Zakho
Q3 What are the names of Salman and Katrina's two sons -- real and adopted -- in Tiger Zinda Hai?
A. Sheru, Firdaus
B. Arjun, Ahmed
C. Junior, Hassan
  C. Junior, Hassan
Q4 What toxin does Tiger Shroff spike Hrithik Roshan's drink with in War?
C. BgK
  B. TTX
Q5 Can you identify which movie from the YRF Spy Universe this scene belongs to by looking at the still?
A. War
B. Pathaan
C. Tiger Zinda Hai
  A. War
Q6 What was Deepika Padukone's father's profession in Pathaan?
A. Doctor
B. Journalist
C. Soldier
  B. Journalist
Q7 How many costumes does Katrina Kaif change into for Ek Tha Tiger's Banjara song?
A. Six
B. Five
C. Seven
  C. Seven
Q8 In Pathaan, John Abraham's Jim sports tons of tatoos. What does the one at the back of his hand?
A. You won't be kissing me unless you kill for me.
B. Forbidden in Heaven and useless in Hell.
C. Everyone will come to my funeral to make sure I stay dead.
  C. Everyone will come to my funeral to make sure I stay dead.
Q9 Name the choreographer behind Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff's Holi dance-off in War's Jai Jai Shiv Shankar.
A. Bosco-Caesar
B. Vaibhavi Merchant
C. Tushar Kalia
  A. Bosco-Caesar
Q10 What's the name of the book Salman Khan gifts Katrina Kaif in Ek Tha Tiger?
A. Starry Nights
B. Magical Stars
C. Sky Full of Stars
  C. Magical Stars


Feature Production: Ashish Narsale/

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