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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Movies » Do YOU Want To Write Pushpa 2?

Do YOU Want To Write Pushpa 2?

July 07, 2022 09:47 IST
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Writer-Director Sukumar, whose Pushpa was a pan-India blockbuster, has found a unique way of making the sequel bigger and even more unique than the first film.

He has asked young promising writers, from not only Telugu cinema, but also other film industries in India, to contribute scenes, episodes, and even shots and frames to the screenplay of Pushpa 2.

For these, he pays the writers handsomely and upfront, and then chooses to use his discretion on whether he would like to incorporate these screenplay suggestions in his final draft.


A prominent producer from Hyderabad tells Subhash K Jha, "This is a unique and very productive way of enhancing a screenplay. In this way, upcoming writers get an opportunity to work and also get paid well for their work."

"In turn, Sukumar gets to spruce up his Pushpa sequel in ways that would not have been possible if he relied only on his own writing skills."

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