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Bigg Boss 16: Is Sajid the SMARTEST player? VOTE!

Last updated on: December 12, 2022 14:14 IST
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When Sajid Khan entered Bigg Boss 16, it seemed he would not last long in the game.

It's been two months since this season started and Sajid's doing well; so much so that he's being tagged as the real mastermind inside the BB house.

Namrata Thakker tells us just why he deserves the title.


Escaping nominations

Though Sajid Khan has had his share of fights in the house in the last 10 weeks, the filmmaker has been in the danger zone only once or twice.

No matter who the captain is, Sajid's manages to escape being nominated.

Even when Ankit Gupta became the captain last week, he saved Sajid despite the fact Sajid and his friends always target Ankit.


Calling the shots

Unlike Shiv, Sajid is a backseat driver.

Whenever there's a fight in the house, his BFFs Shiv and Nimrit are seen taking a stand. But Sajid never gets involved and has therefore succeeded in remaining in everyone's good books.

When it comes to nominations and tasks however, Sajid is the one who secretly calls the shots.

Strangely, Sajid's game plan has always benefited Ankit and Sumbul more than Shiv and Nimrit, who have been very loyal to him.

What's even more bizarre is that Shiv and Nimrit have never questioned Sajid's choices and continue to the go along with his strategy. whether it favours them or not.


Sajid's mantra: Fight and make up!

In the very first week, Sajid Khan lost his cool when Shalin Bhanot got aggressive during a task and pushed Archana Gautam.

He abused Shalin for his attitude. But, the same night, Sajid went up to Shalin and apologised. And the two patched up.

We saw Sajid and Archana getting into an ugly fight recently. He was so angry with her that it seemed he wouldn't talk to her ever in the BB house.

But that's not case.

Sajid soon buried the hatchet and is now on friendly terms with Ms Gautam.

His strategy of fighting and then patching up is working superbly well for the filmmaker. Guess Sajid knows how to keep his friends close and enemies even closer!

Do you think Sajid is the SMARTEST player? Vote!

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