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Bigg Boss 14: The BIG FIGHT!

October 23, 2020 12:26 IST
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Thursday’s episode resumes with the doll task, and Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia continue fighting in the garden area.

They are unable to decide who should be out of the task after the first round.

While Eijaz wants to oust Rubina Dilaik, Pavitra is adamant that it was Abhinav Shukla who came out last from the fire house.

The situation between them turns intense, and Nikki Tamboli tries to calm them down.



In the kitchen area, Rubina and Abhinav discuss how unfairly Eijaz and Pavitra are playing the game.

After Nikki, even Jasmin Bhasin talks to Pavitra regarding the ongoing task.

Ultimately, Bigg Boss intervenes and declares that both Abhinav and Jasmin are out of the captaincy race as the sanchalaks aren’t able to decide. Jasmin and Abhinav aren’t happy and blame the sanchalaks for their ouster.



Nishant doesn’t want Nikki to become the captain and so he strategises with Rahul and Jaan. They agree with him.

Rahul doesn’t mind if Nishant becomes the captain instead of him.

In the second round, Rahul is second last to come out from the fire house while Rubina comes out without a doll.

Eijaz and Pavitra feel Rahul should be out.

Since he has Nikki’s doll, it would mean she would be out of captaincy race, so Nikki asks Pavitra to help and save her.

That’s when Pavitra says that she got played by her own friends. The 23-year-old loses her cool and calls her friends fake.

Nishant, Jaan and Rahul get angry with her comment and fight with Nikki.

Jaan, especially is hurt and announces that he is done with their friendship.

After a lot of drama, Nikki tells Pavitra that she’s okay leaving the task as none of her friends are willing to help her win.



In the next round, Rubina is the last to come out from the house and she has Rahul’s doll which means he is out of the captaincy race too.

Nikki isn’t happy with Rahul for giving up in the task.

In the next round, Rubina loses and in the last round, Jaan helps Nishant become the winner and the first captain of the house this season.

Everyone is happy, except Nikki.

Later, she apologises to Jaan. They sort out their problem and it seems they are back to being friends.



In the bedroom area, Nishant tells Jaan that he did the right thing by giving it back to Nikki during the task.

Jaan says he is done with her tantrums.

At night, Rahul and Nikki have a discussion which turns into another drama as the former starts crying.

Nikki is still upset that she left the task because of her so-called friends.

She goes to Red Zone to talk with Eijaz and Pavitra.

Nikki tells them that no one in the Green Zone is her friend and she now considers only Pavitra an Eijaz as her buddies.


Pavitra consoles Nikki and asks her to stay strong and go back as the housemates are not allowed in the Red Zone. But Nikki pays no heed.

She continues crying.

Jaan tries to calm her down.

Rubina, later, tells Nishant to get them out of the Red Zone as it’s against the rules or else everyone will point fingers at his captaincy. So Nishant asks Nikki and Jaan to come back.

Nikki refuses and says she feels safe there.

Bigg Boss asks Nishant to make sure no one breaks the rules as he is now the captain.

But will Nikki listen to Nishant? Or will Nikki and Jaan face the consequences of breaking the rule?

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