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Bigg Boss 13: Rashami, Asim new BFFs inside the house?

December 16, 2019 15:07 IST
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Now that Asim Riaz and Shefali Jariwala's friendship has gone kaput, the former has found a new friend in co-contestant Rashami Desai. But will they remain buddies till the end of their Bigg Boss journey? Let's hope so!

Friday's episode started off with a fight between Paras Chhabra and Shefali Bagga. Captain Vikas Gupta eventually solves their problem.

The next morning, Bagga fights with Vishal Aditya Singh as he refuses to leave his bed. In the afternoon, everyone is asked to pick two names for the jail punishment.

Vishal and Bagga receive maximum votes and hence they end up behind bars. In the evening, it's time for the new luxury budget task. Paras and Asim are the shopkeepers and they have to sell products to the other housemates.

The one who earns the highest amount of money will be the winner and will also get an advantage.

Asim and Shefali fight during the task and Asim later blames Shefali Jariwala for his loss. Paras is the winner of the luxury budget task and gets to choose food items from BB supermarket. Everyone can enjoy the luxury items except for Asim, Vishal and Bagga.

On Saturday, Salman Khan graceS the Bigg Boss stage for Weekend Ka Vaar and we gEt to see the Freeze task.

Ex-contestants Kamya Punjabi and Hiten Tejwani enter the house and give the contestants a reality check. Rashami's younger brother Gaurav Desai also arrives and warns her sister through the Freeze task. He tells her to play the game and not take any personal decision inside the house.

After the task ends, Arhaan and Rashami have a discussion about what's happening outside. Asim advises Rashami to listen to his brother.

Soon Salman joins the housemates and reprimands Bhau for sleeping most of the time. He calls Vishal and Madhurima Tuli fake and asks Shefali Jariwala to buck up.


Salman then speaks to Rashami and Arhaan. He pulls up Arhaan for talking about their personal life and hints that his family members have been living at Rashami's place.

This surprises Rashami. Salman says he too thinks that Rashami shouldn't take any decision in haste. Salman greets Siddharth Shukla who is recuperating in hospital.

The two have a fun conversation and Salman announces that he is safe this week.

Gutthi aka Sunil Grover then takes centre stage along with Salman and the two romance on the song Dil Diyan Gallan. The whole segment is super hilarious courtesy Sunil Grover's comedy. The host meets the contestants again through MeTV and plays a game with them which Asim wins.

The game is called Mission Black Heart. He then reveals that Madhurima Tuli has been evicted, but will have to stay till Sunday's episode ends.

On Sunday, Salman starts the Weekend Ka Vaar episode on a fun note by playing the game Galatfemi ka gubbara.

As always, everyone takes full advantage of the task and reveals their inner most feelings. After the game, everyone assembles in the garden area blindfolded and soon the Kala Chashma song starts playing.

Shehnaaz goes crazy thinking Katrina Kaif has arrived, but it's Gutthi. Everyone enjoys the song and dance session with Sunil Grover, then Salman announces it's time for the torture room.

Arhaan is the first one to go followed by Vishal and Shehnaaz.

Salman welcomes Bigg Boss 11 contestants Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma on stage. The two are on the show to promote their new song Ranjhanaa.

Salman dances with Hina and asks both former contestants about their current lot. After meeting Salman, Hina and Priyank enter the house and play a game with the housemates, Friend, Khatra and Zero. They ask each housemate to choose one name for all three categories.

While Shefali Jariwala chooses Vikas Gupta as her friend, Asim picks Rashami and vice versa. Paras calls Asim zero and vice versa.

At the end, Rashami gets most votes in the Friend category; Shehnaaz gets it for Khatra and Madhurima for Zero.

Salman reveals it's time for someone to go and he says it's Shehnaaz Gill. She starts crying and does a lot of drama thinking she has been eliminated.

Salman continues to tease her until he finally announces that Hindustani Bhau is the one who has been evicted and not Shehnaaz or Madhurima.

Shefali breaks down after Bhau leaves. Vishal tries to console her.

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