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S&P's Buffett stock screen

February 14, 2008 14:59 IST

Standard & Poor's Portfolio Services analyst David Braverman put together a stock screen that picks companies using criteria similar to those that fit the legendary investor Warren Buffett's growth-oriented style. S&P updates this screen on a semiannual basis, during February and again in August.

For more about the screen criteria, see What Would Buffett Buy?

Here are the 60 names that emerged when the screen was completed:

3M; Alcon; Altera; Altria Group; Aluminum Corp. of China; America Movil; Apollo Group; Apple; Aracruz Celulose; Autodesk; Bard (C.R.); Becton Dickinson; BG Group; British American Tobacco; Brown-Forman; China Mobile; Cisco Systems; Coach; Coca-Cola; Diageo; Equifax; Franklin Resources; Freeport-McMoRan Copper; Garmin; GlaxoSmithKline; Grupo Televisa; Infosys Technologies; Intl. Game Technology; Johnson & Johnson; Microsoft; Mobile Telesystems; National Semiconductor; Novo-Nordisk; Occidental Petroleum; Oracle; Overseas Shipholding Group; Paychex; PepsiCo; Philippine Long Distance; Portugal Telecom; Price (T. Rowe) Group; Qualcomm; Qwest Communications; Rio Tinto Group; Roche Holdings; Rockwell Automation; SAP; Sasol; Schlumberger; Sigma-Aldrich; Stryker; Swisscom; Taiwan Semiconductor; TD AmeriTrade; Telefonica; Telefonos De Mexico; Turkcell; Vimpel Communications; Votorantim Celulose; Wipro.


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