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Indian software co associated with A380 design?

May 16, 2007 10:20 IST
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Super jumbo A380

T he world's largest aircraft is on a tour across the globe. In the first week of May, the super jumbo landed in India to attract more buyers. Sky is no limit for this gigantic flying machine! Take the rediff business quiz to know more about this mammoth aircraft.

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1. Name the pilot who flew the A380 on its first flight.
a) Peter Chandler
b) Claude Lelaie
c) Jacques Rosay

2. Which Indian software company is associated with the design of A380?
a) TCS
b) Infosys
c) Wipro

3. Which airline has placed the highest order for Airbus A380?
a) Virgin Atlantic
b) British Airways
c) Emirates Airlines

4. In which country is Airbus headquartered?
a) France
b) England
c) Germany

5. Which airline will be the first to fly the A380?
a) Emirates
b) Kingfisher
c) Singapore Airlines

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Compiled by: Manu A B

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