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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Would You Live In Barbie's World?

Would You Live In Barbie's World?

By Rediff Get Ahead
July 28, 2022 12:40 IST
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What would a little girl love more than to be able to have fun in a life-sized Barbie doll house?

Beginning July 22, that's what the visitors to the World Of Barbie interactive exhibit, an installation of life-sized Barbie locations that's come up at Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, are able to do.


IMAGE: Included in the World of Barbie, which spans a massive 30,000 square feet, is this lovely display of Barbie dolls from across six decades.
All photographs: Carlos Osorio/Reuters


IMAGE: What else can you do there? Well, you could hop onto the Barbie Interstellar Airways for a shuttle ride to the stars.


IMAGE: Or create your own TV show at the Barbie TV Centre.


IMAGE: Or get ready for a fashion show before you walked the pink carpet at the Fashion Runway.


IMAGE: Check out these gorgeous Barbie cars and Barbie's various dream houses.


IMAGE: Amal Mohamed and her daughter Zoya Abdulle are at the Music Production Studio, where they are singing karaoke.


IMAGE: Visit Malibu, one of Barbie's favourite locations, where you can do some rock climbing.


IMAGE: Or have fun in the ball pit.


Photographs curated by Manisha Kotian/
Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/

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