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It's Beautiful To Be Akshara Haasan

June 06, 2023 09:17 IST
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IMAGE: The original ulaganayagan with his baby doll Akshara.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Akshara Haasan/Instagram

Style runs among the Haasan sisters, like they were born with it, right from their chic diaper days.

Both girls are beautifully turned out and are the cynosure of the collective eyes of fans, eliciting instant oohs and aahs for every well-attired sortie.

While Shruti has taken her fashion prowess from real to reel, Akshara gravitates towards experimental stuff, just like her love for funky, off-beat music.

Her dressing is more laid-back than elder sister Shruti, who she counts as her 'bestie, akka, strongest support' and it's because of Shruti that Akshara 'is the best version of herself', she adds.

'Best times and worse times, this is a sisterhood bond that gets nothing less than stronger, at the same time (leaving) a massive room to breathe weirdness', states the younger sibling, who made her acting debut in Shamitabh, back in 2015.

Each is successful in her own right. Shruti is a singer and actor.

Akshara has many interests that align with her vivacious personality. Dancer. Actor. Nature enthusiast. Animal lover. Sporting fan.

She's got her entrancing green eyes and lovely features from her mumma Sarika and her bapuji Kamal Haasan is her superhero.

IMAGE: If snatching 88,000 hearts in this black-winged-about-to-take-flight confection, all in one go is a crime, then Akshara is guilty as charged.


IMAGE: Akshara obviously knows her Shakespeare well and the bard's weighty pronouncement for the ages that 'of all flowers methinks a rose is best'.
She believes in larger-than-life roses too.


IMAGE: A sweet puffy organza top in delicate sea green with a flat stomach on display.
Ripped denims with a belt of pearls running through.
White platform sneakers.
A lesson in colour coordination from the girl whose smile is the chaabee to her followers' hearts.


IMAGE: 'Superb jodi'.
'Acho cuties'.
'Appa has got your back'! Indeed.
Kamal and Akshara make a striking daddy-beti duo -- her in a virginal white sari and he in a Cossack-ish costume.
A reminder of the time when 'dad dearest helps you look nothing less than your best'.


IMAGE: Achcham Madam Naanam Payirppu in one frame? Scratch achcham.
When bapuji decides to don a mundu-shirt for Diwali, how can his wee rockstar not follow suit?


IMAGE: Mumbai cosmopolitan fashion meets Chennai restraint: How pretty is a paavadai and shirt pairing. Whistle podu!


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