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Wickedly Angelic Karishma Sharma

June 29, 2023 09:29 IST
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Karishma Sharma declares her fashion mantra to be: No guts, no glory.

And along that bold path she merrily travels, soaring along her own style arc, staying away, she says, from being a Barbie girl but finding togs that electrify a party, jolt it alive.

The actor-model, who starred in Ragini MMS Returns and Pyaar Ka Punchnama, has also a new-found love for Indian ethnic wear that is collecting the pyaar of her followers.

IMAGE: She may not plonk out a zany piece on that piano there, or sing you a song or even tap out an A major and D minor, but you sure can tune into her green style symphony.
A tanglement of straps create a dress that's a different kind of crossover fashion.
Another of her fave sayings, or maybe motto: Half saint, half sinner, face of an angel, mind of a killer.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Karishma Sharma/Instagram


IMAGE: Those luckless little people below, in the foreground, sitting and chatting, quite obviously have not looked up and behind.
Or they would have been transfixed by Karishma twirling in a saccharine strappy white dress and jazzy purple heels on a balcony at Nashik's Soma Wines.

IMAGE: All guts here alright, Karishma.
Don't miss the fashion chashma and the tiny coy little braids in her hair.
She relaxes on a yacht somewhere in Seychelles no doubt making the hills and ocean around her sing.


IMAGE: Pretty Woman, walking down the street.
Pretty Woman, the kind I like to meet...
Istanbul meet bouncy, bubbly Karishma.
A pair of elegant checked trousers make great vacation wear.
And packing two dozen pairs of goggles for Gram pics


IMAGE: Splashy red dressing as she waits for her Prince Charming aka 'Ranbir Kapoor jaisaaa ladka'.
Garba season is a still a way off, but Navratri attire, given a fresh take with a cherry red tube top, is good enought to wear to a ball, the Ascot or a big, fat shaadi.

IMAGE: Painting the streets of Malta red in a hot diggity damn number.
Her finishing touches? A golden handbag and snake-skin boots.
Fastey Fasaatey?



Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/

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