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This article was first published 3 years ago  » Getahead » Who is Sanjana Ganesan?

Who is Sanjana Ganesan?

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: March 15, 2021 16:59 IST
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5 things you must know about the lady who has won bashful Boom Boom's heart.

All photographs: Kind courtesy Sanjana Ganesan/Instagram

Model and sports anchor-presenter Sanjana Ganesan wed Jasprit 'Boom Boom' Bumrah -- the world's best ODI/T20 fast bowler -- in Goa on Monday.

1. Sanjana had a brief stint in modelling before becoming a TV presenter.

IMAGE: Sanjana would like to be referred to as 'That Miss India Girl' on her Instagram handle.
A TV presenter for Star Sports India, she participated in Miss India 2014.
A trained dancer, she performed a classic dance at the Miss India 2014 talent round.
'This entire journey has been so magical. Words cannot even begin to describe how many wonderful things I have learnt, how many exotic places I saw and how many lovely people I had the opportunity to meet,' she wrote describing her Miss India experience.
Sanjana also walked the ramp at IIJW 2014 and Lakme Fashion Week in the same year.


2. For her, happiness is being with family, especially sister Sheetal.

IMAGE: 'Happiness is coming home and spending the whole day with your soul sister (who also happens to be my biological sister),' Sanjana shared on Instagram.
On Siblings Day, she thanked her sister for being her 'partner in insanity'.
According to a Instagram post she shared in 2014, Sanjana has her mother's eyes and father's smile.
'I have the most awesomesauce family ever,' she wrote on Instagram. 'I think a big part of that awesomesauce-ness is attributed to my dad. He's my strength, my weakness and my 3am playmate.'
As for her mother, in Sanjana's words, she is 'my strongest support, my biggest fan, my most honest critic, my cuddle pillow, my teacher, my student, my closest girlfriend, my punching bag, my guide, my guinea pig, my very own voice of God.'


3. She has a letter written to her 16-year-old self!

IMAGE: This is what it reads like:
Dear 16-year-old Sanjana,
In a couple of years, you're going to grow up to be a super cool adult.
You know, the kind who follows their passion and does things that not only brings happiness to them, but also to the people they love.
You'll travel to new places, meet new people and live it up everyday!
You're going to have a wonderful job and clear skin and a confident air about you, so don't let pulling an all-nighter now to study for a test or a pimple here and there or a shaking self-esteem bother you!
Just look cute as a button in your little grey skirt and pose with that odd orange origami dude. It only gets better from here.
Loads of love,
2015 Sanjana.


4. She was a shy and awkward kid.

IMAGE: One look at her and who would think that she was a shy and awkward kid while growing up.
It is something that's taken her by surprise too.
'Who knew awkward and shy kids could grow up to be this?' she captioned this pic.
Her advice is simple: 'Have faith, it always gets better.'


5. This is what she looks like without make up.

IMAGE: Quite a rare sighting to see a pic where Sanjana isn't all dolled up.

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