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What Abhimanyu Hates About Dating

December 04, 2023 13:04 IST
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'Everyone's looking for the next best thing. Everyone is ready to give up too easily.'

Abhimanyu Dassani

IMAGE: Photographs: Kind courtesy Abhimanyu Dassani/Instagram

When Abhimanyu Dassani first appeared on the big screen, his chiselled features and boyish charm got him a lot of attention.

Add to that the fact that he is an eligible bachelor.

His perfectly sculpted abs are testimony to his passion for fitness.

In an interview with Mayur Sanap/, Abhimanyu talks about the personality traits he find attractive in women, why he prefers love marriage over arranged one and what he dislikes about modern dating.

What qualities do you find attractive in the opposite sex?

Someone who's confident. Who understands me.

Who's passionate about whatever they're doing in life.

And who would like a partnership instead of one person running the game. That understanding has to be there.

Arranged or love marriage -- What would you choose?

If there's a choice then, of course, love marriage. (Laughs.)

We also have arranged-cum-love, love-cum-arranged situations going on these days, which is great.

You get the opportunity of spending time with someone who's looking for the same kind of things you are.

I'm not against these options whenever the time is right.

What do you love and hate about modern dating?

Everyone's looking for the next best thing. Everyone is ready to give up too easily. This is not something that excites me.

What is good is how people are more open to exploring. They are more decisive and vocal about what they want.

Who's your ultimate celebrity crush?

Ranbir Kapoor!

Yeah, nobody else comes to my mind besides him (chuckles).

What fitness tips would you give to working men?

The first would be to look at the mirror every day when you wake up; you will find motivation to go work out.

The second is that you have to show up, even on the days that you feel bad, you don't feel right, you're tired, you don't want to work out... You have 100 excuses. The point is to show up. It's called behavior activation.

I've been trying to do that with my story so that people understand the point is just to show up. If you show up, you've won 50 per cent of the battle.

And drink water, paani peete rehna chahiye (which also happens to be a dialogue from his debut film, Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota).

Also, just be happy that you are in the process of reaching your potential. You should always strive to reach a greater version of yourself and be happy in that journey.

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