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Vidya Malavade shows off her yoga skills

By Rediff Get Ahead
April 15, 2021 08:32 IST
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Known to have an Instagram account filled with pretty impressive yoga poses, Vidya Malavade is winning hearts on the Internet, one asana at a time.

IMAGE: Vidya attempts the super soldier pose, which requires great balance and a lot of stability.
Offering her tip to ace the pose, the actress says, 'Look up at the ceiling and try not to fall off.'
Photographs: Kind courtesy Vidya Malavade/Instagram


IMAGE: Vidya puts her flexibility to test again with a side plank or vasisthasana.


IMAGE: Vidya's Instagram account is proof that yoga is a key part of her life.
When it comes to yoga, she prefers a slow pace because 'it allows her to be more mindful.'
'I can avoid injury and also recruit more muscles with awareness,' she adds.


IMAGE: This is what her 30 minute yoga flow looks like.


IMAGE: Given her dedication to yoga, it is no surprise that Vidya nailed the crow pose so effortlessly.


IMAGE: 'My yoga practice is so integral to my life and lifestyle that I do miss it.
'But I also feel certain things need priority at certain times and it's best not to get attached to anything,' she shares.


IMAGE: Reaching out for the ceiling, as she stands on her toes, Vidya shows off her balance.


IMAGE: On a daily basis, Vidya dedicates at least 30 minutes for meditation.
'What is not missed though every morning, (because I have been waking up between 3 to 4 am every day) is at least 30 to 45 mins of meditation or yoga nidra.
'That is what keeps me going through the day mentally and physically,' she says.

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