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This article was first published 3 years ago  » Getahead » How Geeta Basra stays fit during pregnancy

How Geeta Basra stays fit during pregnancy

By Rediff Get Ahead
April 07, 2021 12:39 IST
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Britain born and raised actress Geeta Basra, who is pregnant with her second child, took to Instagram to reveal the one thing that is helping her tide smoothly through this phase.

'During COVID, there is very little to no physical activity, you can't go anywhere, (it is) unsafe to go to gyms, especially for expecting mothers,' Geeta, who is married to cricket legend Harbhajan Singh, noted.

'The one thing that has got me through this pregnancy is YOGA.'

Before her pregnancy, Geeta said she practiced yoga daily.

'But with pregnancy, with constant backaches and cramps, yoga has surely given me relief in many ways,' she added.

Sharing a tip for to-be moms, she said, 'For many expectant mothers out there looking for some form of exercise, this is something I truly recommend.'

IMAGE: Geeta stretches her leg into a relaxing yoga pose.
The trick for pregnant moms is to breathe and stay relaxed as a little bit of exercise and activity is not such a bad thing.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Geeta Basra/Instagram


IMAGE: Geeta clearly isn't letting the baby bump come in the way of her workout routine.


IMAGE: Geeta attempts the downward facing dog pose.


IMAGE: That's the pregnant squat pose and Geeta nails it to perfection.


IMAGE: While Geeta hopes to inspire to-be mothers with her yoga pics, she also has a word of advice for them.
'Any form of training and practice should ONLY be done under the supervision of a professional.'

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