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Hetavi, Melwyn's Amazing Love Story

February 14, 2024 10:37 IST
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'Marriage brings families together and Hetavi worked hard to fit into ours without causing any kind of disruption,' says Melwyn Coelho.

Melwyn and Hetavi

All photographs: Kind courtesy Melwyn Coelho

"We may not have ended up where we intended to go, but I think we are in a wonderful place," says Melwyn Coelho as he talks about his special love story with his wife, Hetavi Shah.

"Hetavi and I met at our workplace in June 2013. In a matter of months, we became friends." By December 2014, they were dating and soon fell in love.

"Over time, we moved to different organisations. And that tested our relationship. But, as they say, Life had a plan for us."

When Hetavi proposed, Melwyn said yes.

Melwyn and Hetavi

The young couple knew they would face challenges since they were not just from two different communities; they were from different religions.

"Convincing our families to understand us and our relationship started with a trip with Hetavi's parents to the north. After they returned, Hetavi managed to convince her family that I would be a good life partner for her."

Incorporating traditions from both families -- mehendi, Roce (a Catholic ceremony in which the bride and groom are anointed with coconut milk and oil and then blessed), a civil marriage and a church marriage -- in the wedding and deciding on the food that would be served at the reception were some of the major challenges they faced.

Glimpses from the wedding

Melwyn and Hetavi


Melwyn and Hetavi


Melwyn and Hetavi

Moving from a Gujarati home into a Catholic one was the biggest adjustment Hetavi had to make.

"Marriage brings families together and Hetavi worked hard to fit into ours without causing any kind of disruption. From family weekend dinners to parties with friends, she made it all happen. During my sister's wedding, she left no stone unturned to it was beautifully organised."

Melwyn and Hetavi

When COVID hit the world, they faced challenging times just like everybody else. "Our family was used to exploring and travelling so we felt like we were imprisoned. That period really tested all of us in terms of our love and patience."

The family that loves to travel...

Melwyn and Hetavi


Melwyn and Hetavi


Melwyn and Hetavi


Melwyn and Hetavi

"In 2021, we lost our mom. It was a terrible time for us. The entire responsibility of the house, especially the kitchen, shifted to Hetavi. The manner in which she coped made me admire her even more."

Melwyn and Hetavi

IMAGE: Hetavi keeps her mother-in-law's memory alive in family pictures.

As if these responsibilities were not enough, Hetavi decided to participate in a triathlon. She represented the organisation she was working in at the 'Win For Youth' programme.

"She made all of us proud when she crossed the line after swimming in the open sea for 1.5 km, the cycling for 40 km, then running for 10 km -- she completed all this in five hours."

Melwyn and Hetavi

They recently bought their own house, another important milestone.

"By God's grace," says a happy Melwyn, 'We are pregnant and expecting our first child in a few days."

Melwyn and Hetavi

"This is our story. I am sure it will continue to flourish like a strong tree because of all the love, care and support we provide it along with our family."

It's the season of love. The nip in the air reminds us that Valentine's Day is around the corner.

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