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Uff! Ruhii Singh's Epic Abs

Last updated on: July 19, 2023 12:57 IST
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Ruhii Singh is the desi Emily Ratajkowski when it comes to her epic abs. You wonder if they are even for real, so toned is she.

Six-pack? Eight-pack? Who knows!

But they look like steel pillows (can you find a more splendid oxymoron than that?).

Her sabse striking feature always gets an airing, whether she is at the pool, by the beach, sightseeing, on a plane, eating pani puri, on a swimsuit shopping spree, when the sun is out, when the moon is out...

Welcome to the television actor's ab-licious world where the 'bronzed skin and cinnamon tan', she says she owns, will never go out of style. Social Currency hai.

IMAGE: Certifiably wow in a black bikini at the Grand Hyatt in Bambolim, Goa.
She sashays out of the pool, strutting that figure, because 'this senorita needs a margarita'.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Ruhii Singh/Instagram


IMAGE: If you're here for a midriff moment, Ruhii won't disappoint.
The Maldives-blue two-piece, with plenty of cheek to bare, is held together by a little bijou -- never have rhinestones had such an onerous role.


IMAGE: 'Alexa, fly me to (the) Maldives'.
Not only does the lady have physique, she has humour too.
Sporting a most romantic shade for deep diving in the Maldives, garnished with metal hearts, one of her 2 mill Gram loyalists comments 'Baby, your belly is so nice'.


IMAGE: Aaye haaye so pyari... the red lehenga/skirt gets hyped by the red bikini top.


IMAGE: Whatta life. Hotel to hotel, bikini to bikini.
Where is this delightful place, Ruhii?
Ruhii's Insta timeline is the place to gather tips for swimwear shopping and abs dreams

IMAGE: She says she is 'giving Malibu Barbie' vibes out in LA, waltzing in front of a Merc.
Vibes-shibes chodo, Ruhii knows her partywear and the right little-is-much skin-show quota.


IMAGE: Ditching tees for a butterfly bikini top makes eminent sense, California Girl.


IMAGE: Right, in Ibiza there are no rules for what constitutes shopping attire for boutique browsing, because folks there are perpetually in we're-going-to-have-a-party-in-the-Mediterranean-sea mode.


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