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The Girl Who'll Aim Straight For Your Heart

January 25, 2024 08:55 IST
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When Pratibha Ranta is not shuttling between her hometown Shimla and workcity Mumbai, she loves making her presence felt on social media. 

The khoobsurat kanya is all set to floor fans with her dance moves and acting skills in her debut film, Kiran Rao's Laapataa Ladies.

A mountain girl, she's got a carefree style that, depending on her mood, can be romantic, edgy or soft. 

Her youthful vibe is easy to copy and there's rarely a moment when she doesn't raise the bar on the cuteness meter. 

IMAGE: Dress, lips, nails... it's red all the way. 
Photographs: Kind courtesy Pratibha Ranta/Instagram


IMAGE: Hawa mein udta jaaye... bold colours look SO GOOD on her, don't they?


IMAGE: Happy girls always make pretty profiles, especially in the timeless ganji and denim combo. 


IMAGE: Want to heat up the vibe? Wear a contrasting sports bra with jeans and a white unbuttoned shirt.  


IMAGE: Self-embroidered white is a full-proof way to raise the mercury levels. 


IMAGE: She reminds us of the time when chequered dresses with puffed half sleeves and nude ballet shoes were such a hit. 


IMAGE: Pratibha loves finding different ways to wear denim.

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