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The best things you can do in 2017

By Get Ahead Bureau
January 02, 2017 09:50 IST
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Selfies, hashtags, WhatsApp forwards... In 2017, let's be more judicious about how we use them.
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It's resolution making time! Breaking time follows shortly on its heels. Yup, that tedious New Year activity.

Let's be frank. No one really cares if you didn't hit the gym to lose weight. Or if you shed quintals.

But we all live in the digital age, where our smartphones and social media, order us around.

Doesn't it make perfect sense to ditch all those usual tired New Year resolutions and make new ones in sync with our digital  times?

Don't know where to start? Here's a quick list.

#1. Blind forwarding

You received breaking news on WhatsApp, for instance, that a cyclone is about to hit your city.

Yes, it is important news.

Before you hit any buttons to share this on a group or anywhere else, just Google and cross check, from one or more sources, to find out if the news is true!

#2. #Hashtagging #Mania

Like hashtagging every picture, life event...?  

Why does a pic of an average-looking gulab jamun in a steel katora get a hundred hashtags like #childhoodmemories, #dessertlover, #dessertpic, #dessertpicture, #instapic.


#3. Thank you for NOT sharing

We don't want to know every darn detail of your life on Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram/Snapchat.

A little mystery is niiiiiiiice!

Don't TMI us, bro.

What time you woke up. Don't wanna know. Where you travelled to. Don't wanna know. The people you hang out with. Don't wanna know. The  colour of your pyjamas. Don't wanna know. End of story.

#4. OTT selfies

C'mon guys stop being so narcissistic.

Give that front camera button of your phones a rest. 

All ye selfie-addicts, how about taking a tour of the rear camera for a change.

#5. It's a pleasure to watch you text

How about ditching that phone when you are with real people for some real conversation?

Stop punching those keys, scrolling down for messages while someone is trying to talk to you who is pretending to listen.

Important call to make? Excuse yourself, finish the call quickly and rejoin the human race.

Keep your phone on silent mode. That's not so difficult, is it?

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