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Life lesson: 'Keep doing things unconditionally'

By Naresh Singh Nayal
Last updated on: April 20, 2019 14:13 IST
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We'd asked you, dear readers to tell us what is the one life lesson you would want to share.

Naresh Singh Nayal, Dehradun shares an important lesson. You can share yours too. Scroll down to find out how.


What makes us feel down in life is the fact that we do things with several conditions attached to it.

That takes away the fun of doing things, because we are constantly worried about the results.

My life's biggest lesson is to keep doing things unconditionally.

This will give you a lot of happiness and enjoyment while doing it, and you will get success too.

We attach a lot of conditions in life while working on anything or even in our professional lives, which make us unhappy. 

It results in us feeling bored with the work we do. 

We don't get positive vibes and end up receiving all the negativity because of our negative approach to things or work.

We think of people's point of view about us instead of doing things our way.

I learnt to keep doing things unconditionally in life to be happy and successful at the end of it.

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Naresh Singh Nayal