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My life lesson: 'Wake up early and work on yourself'

Last updated on: April 16, 2019 14:12 IST

We'd asked you, dear readers to tell us what is the one life lesson you would want to share

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Mahadevan R, 50, from Mumbai writes: 'I realised much later in life that you need to wake up early and work on yourself in the first couple of (golden) hours.

'It's so important to set the tone for the day by following SAVERS. It stands for Silence (meditation), Affirmation, Visualisation, Exercise, Reading and Scribbling (journaling). 

'My life has not been the same since I have implemented SAVERS,' he adds. 

V Jaiganesh, 42, from Kottayam, Kerala shares, 'I took up a position due to my job and kept aside my family. Now it is difficult to reunite with them.'

He advises: 'Enjoy and value the people in your life including your parents and children.

'Money is not everything in life. It is only the memories that will help you enjoy the past, present and future.'

Vanita Malewar has an interesting lesson to share too.

'Opportunities keep coming,' she says. 'When we miss a buss, we wait for another one to arrive.'

'In a similar manner, no point in counting failures, or regretting about the past.

'We need to be ready to grab the next opportunity. A positive frame of mind helps you look ahead for the next big moment in life.'

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