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'Don't give in to people's opinions easily'

Last updated on: April 15, 2019 14:11 IST

We'd asked you, dear readers to tell us what is the one life lesson you would want to share.

S Balaji from Trichy shares his life lesson. You can share yours too. Scroll down to find out how.

I used to get influenced by the good and bad things people said about me.

Everyone was trying to write their thoughts in my head and mold them the way they wanted.

But with maturity, I could understand that most people are very confused and they have their own battles.

Someone may be successful in something, but may be a failure in another thing.

I learnt that one can listen to people's advice only if it's beneficial and not brainwashing in nature.

Don't give in to people's opinions easily, without proper analysis.

After I became strong, people call me very adamant and independent, because they are no longer able to brainwash me.

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S Balaji
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