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Why I loved Mamallapuram's shore temple

October 08, 2019 08:14 IST
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Ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to India, we'd asked you dear readers, to send us photographs of Mamallapuram Shore Temple, the venue for the international summit between India and China.

Rediff reader Yash Kumar, 54 from Lucknow tells us why he fell in love with the temple:

"When you visit the temple, you feel like a part of the sea comes to the temple to pay its tribute.

"The temple stands majestically near the shore giving ashirwad to Sea God."

Shore temple

Shore temple

Shore temple


Dear readers, have you recently visited Mamallapuram Shore Temple in Tamil Nadu?

When did you visit the heritage site? Was it a special day for you?

What did you like the most about the temple and this place? Tell us all about it.

If you have interesting pictures, we want you to share them with us.

Simply write to (Subject: Mamallapuram Shore Temple Pix) along with your NAME, AGE, LOCATION and a brief write-up of what you liked about the place. We'll carry the best responses right here on

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