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This article was first published 3 years ago  » Getahead » How Sarah Jane Dias stays fit

How Sarah Jane Dias stays fit

By Rediff Get Ahead
March 04, 2021 09:24 IST
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These pics of Sarah Jane Dias doing yoga will make you want to get in shape. 

IMAGE: According to Sarah Jane, yoga has changed her life.
A self-proclaimed 'happy yogini' and 'wellness warrior', she has been staying fit during the lockdown with a mix of yoga, meditation and functional training.
All photographs: Sarah Jane Dias/Instagram


IMAGE: This is how the actor starts her weekend, on a positive and healthy note.
Sarah revealed that it can get really difficult for her to wake up in the morning and do yoga.
However, she has found a couple of tricks to help her.
'Find your why,' she writes, 'Why do you want to wake and train or wake and meditate?'
Want to know her reason? 'I want a clear head and a strong body,' she shares. 


IMAGE: 'Bend, so you don't break,' Sarah captioned this pic. 
Another trick Sarah follows is to make someone accountable for your progress.
'We all want to make and keep promises to ourselves, but let's be honest IT'S DAMN TOUGH!
'So, just find someone who holds you accountable, a friend, a sibling or a trainer or coach,' she says.


IMAGE: Sarah nailed the headstand effortlessly and while it looks pretty simple, it is a long journey to get to such perfection.


IMAGE: Sarah believes in the look good, feel good and heal good vibe.
'So every time I practice yoga or workout, I make sure I'm wearing something nice (usually coordinated),' she says.
'I have things next to me that make me feel uplifted and also make my time with myself as special as possible.' 


IMAGE: This is how Sarah likes to unwind.
Even when she is chilling, she is thinking of yoga!

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