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This article was first published 3 years ago  » Getahead » Rakul Preet's INSPIRING workout pix

Rakul Preet's INSPIRING workout pix

By Rediff Get Ahead
January 21, 2021 07:40 IST
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Rakul Preet Singh is going full throttle when it comes to her fitness.

The actor has been regularly updating her Instagram family about her fitness activity.

From aerial yoga, meditation to intensive workout sessions, she been working on her fitness goals. Take a look!

IMAGE: 'Life has its ups and downs, I call it squats,' joked Rakul Preet as she uploaded this pic of herself working out in the gym.
The fitness enthusiast believes that strong is the new sexy.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Rakul Preet Singh/Instagram


IMAGE: Even on vacation, Rakul Preet made sure she followed her fitness regime.


IMAGE: Rakul Preet, who hit the gym after a long time due to the lockdown, feels that 'building up strength is going to be a task'.
'But we got to do, what we got to do,' she adds.


IMAGE: Rakul Preet does her fair share of yoga and meditation too.


IMAGE: Her yoga journey began in 2018.
'Since then it's been pure joy to do my practice everyday,' she writes.
'Life is all about balance.
'You don't always need to be getting things done.
'Sometimes it's absolutely okay to shut down, kick back and do nothing.'


IMAGE: When the city went into lockdown mode, Rakul Preet made sure she got her quota of daily exercise indoors.


IMAGE: Rakul Preet does a headstand without support.


IMAGE: 'Pushing myself gives me immense joy and a sense of achievement,' she shares.

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