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How Sreesanth fell in love with Bhuvneshwari

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Last updated on: January 09, 2019 11:26 IST
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The former Indian cricketer revealed how it was love at first sight.

Sreesanth and Bhuvneshwari

IMAGE: S Sreesanth gets cosy with wife Bhuvneshwari Kumari after spending over three months locked inside Bigg Boss house in Mumbai. Photographs: Kind courtesy S Sreesanth/Instagram

Every year Bigg Boss 12 introduces us to a special jodi.

It could be a celebrity couple who are recently engaged or two people who meet and find love on the show.

This year, the reality show introduced us to a rare jodi who will probably give some of you relationship goals.

Those of you who know former Indian cricketer Shanthakumaran Sreesanth through the show or from his game would also know of his temper tantrums, arrogance and mood swings.

Some of Sree's antics were also the highlights of the reality show this year. So much so that host Salman Khan and guests who appeared on the show would often advise him to mend his ways.

But there was one person who knew Sreesanth beyond his game and celebrity status.

This person always stood up in his defense and supported him throughout his ups and downs. His wife Bhuvneshwari.

Every time she came on the show, it was hard to miss their mutual love and admiration. 

So how did Sreesanth from Kochi fall in love with Bhuvneshwari Kumari of Jaipur?

Sreesanth and Bhuvneshwari

IMAGE: On their fourth wedding anniversary in 2017, the cricketer shared this picture from their wedding celebrations in 2013.

Recently, the couple was invited on a radio show where the cricketer got candid and spoke about how it was love at first sight for him.

"During our first meeting, I had asked Bhuvneshwari to share her contact number, but she blatantly refused," the former cricketer told RJ Pritam of Magic 106.4 FM.

"Not being let down by her rejection, I gave her my number on a piece of tissue, very much like in Bollywood movies," he shared.

"Along with the number, I wrote that whenever next I play a good game, she can call me to congratulate. And, voila I received a call that very night.”

When asked for her version, Bhuvneshwari insisted that she called on the number to check if Sreesanth was trying to fool her.

That one phone call changed their lives.

Shanthakumaran Nair, Savithri Devi, Sreesanth and Bhuvneshwari

IMAGE: The couple pose with Sreesanth's parents -- Shanthakumaran Nair and Savithri Devi.

In an interview to the Times of India, Sreesanth had mentioned how he had never proposed or held Bhuvneshwari's hand until the day of their marriage.

'It was only after her father gave her hand in mine during some ritual. Before that, my love story was like 1942 love story,' he'd said.

Sreesanth married Bhuvneshwari in 2013 in Kerala and the couple have two kids -- a son and a daughter.

On the radio show, Bhuvneshwari also revealed that Sreesanth is a romantic at heart and indulges in occasional shayari (couplets).

sreesanth and bhuvneshwari

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