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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Queen Of Va Va Vroom Shahana

Queen Of Va Va Vroom Shahana

November 28, 2022 10:56 IST
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Shahana Goswami invariably makes a splash in whatever she wears.

Turn to Shahana to discover how to toe the line between comfort and elegance.

IMAGE: She celebrates courage in a cutout Nautanky dress in colours bolder than an exotic tropical bird.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Nautanky/Instagram


IMAGE: What place does this striking ensemble remind you of?
No, it's not a take on the Rio de Janeiro Copacabana sidewalk mosaic.
Designer Amit Aggarwal was inspired by the tea gardens of Vietnam when he created this three-coloured garment that has a new-age sari feel to it.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Doux Amour/Instagram


IMAGE: From Vietnam it seems like we have journeyed to Spain when you view Shahana in the refined bishop-sleeve white shirt with a flamenco-ish colourful skirt adorned with multi-hued flowers.
Black nails, intriguing hair do and gold slip-on earrings add more individuality.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Gaia Tree/Instagram


IMAGE: Who knew a shirt dress could be so audacious?
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shahana Goswami/Instagram


IMAGE: Organza at its best. The OTO number is cho-chweet.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shahana Goswami/Instagram

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