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Pretty, Pretty Woman Nyrraa Banerji

Last updated on: May 18, 2023 15:58 IST
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Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 13 has got a stunning haseena who will woo you silly.

What's Nyrraa Banerji got that's special? Buckets of josh-wallah fashion smarts.

She embraces glam like a movie star and goes for the danger king-size looks.

The actor, who has appeared in several Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu films, and also on television shows, enjoys playing up pupil-popping metallic costumery, rock-the-carpet phrocks and skin-peep-show wardrobery.

IMAGE: Enter Miss Happy Happy in the most appealing shade of copper.
We delight in the mischievous glint in her eyes that tells you she knows she is wearing something over the top, but is lovin' it.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Nyrraa M Banerji/Instagram


IMAGE: Excuse Me Maadam, where do the earrings end? And how many colours are your heels?
Let's take stock:
Latex pants.
Psychedelic stilettoes.
Lamba tassel earrings.
Pink lips.
Lace bustier.
Wah! Nyrraa, lovely.


IMAGE: Seems like Nyrraa went shopping for the brief-brief top after she found the right retro gaadi to pose in front of.
Glowing like a slice of the most delicious watermelon in front of a cherry-red vintage car, she's ready to vroom off in. And look at the yellow flip-flops.


IMAGE: Wish we could roll up at a hotel looking so spiffy, instead of landing up at the front desk looking like what the cat brought in.
She razzle-dazzles up separates in a subtle shade of beige with her blingy flats, flashy lipstick and pink sunglasses.


IMAGE: The QR code-decorated cropped jacket and bicycle shorts with shiny ankle boots would give any UPI app a run for its money.


IMAGE: Twinkle Toes Rani is all about fluffy elegance in a short black dress speckled with sequins as she poses on nature's red carpet.


IMAGE: Fitoos! That Bali statue better look sharp as she gets eclipsed by Nyrraa, her gorgeous skirt in tropical shrubbery shades and her fancy belly dancing moves.
The multi-hued bandeau top is the ideal stuff of a feel-good heatwave-resistant wardrobe.

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