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'My Father Is The Most Honest Man I Know'

Last updated on: June 15, 2024 13:20 IST
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To share your Father's Day story with us (Father's Day will be celebrated on Sunday, June 16), just mail us at (subject: Father's Day) along with your name, the place where you live, your father's name and picture and your message about your him.

R L Shah

Photograph: Kind courtesy Dilip Shah

"The best part I liked about him is that he gave the entire credit for his honesty to my mother," says Dilip Shah from Udaipur.

My father, Shri R L Shah, was my mentor, guide and philosopher.

He retired as the district and sessions judge from the Rajasthan higher judicial services.

Throughout his career, which lasted over three decades, he remained honest to the core and never indulged in any unfair practices despite facing many hardships and pressure tactics.

The best part I liked about him is that he gave the entire credit for his honesty to my mother.

Once, after his retirement, I asked him how he had remained honest for such a long time.

He simply smiled and said, "All credit goes to your mother because she never demanded nor forced me for extra money."

Thank you, Dilip, for letting us know about your inspiring father.


IMAGE: M Asif Siddiqi with his father Md Shafiqueuddin Siddiqi. Photograph: Kind courtesy Jawed Iqbal

"Abbu was, is and will always be an inspiration to me," says Kolkata's M Asif Siddiqi.

My hero, my Dad, has been a slogan that I live by even today.

My Abbu, Md Shafiqueuddin Siddiqi, was orphaned when he was just five years old.

Though he had a very difficult childhood, he made sure we were given the best and never let anything come in the way of doing that.

I studied in one of the best schools in Kolkata, Don Bosco at Park Circus, while he did his schooling from the Calcutta Muslim Orphanage.

He was a businessman with vision for quality and started his lead acid storage battery manufacturing unit in 1971.

He was an avid sports lover; I remember watching my first cricket and football matches with him. Still miss him during the late night football World Cup matches. Euro 2024 starts this weekend. Will miss you Abbu.

He is no longer with me physically (he passed away on March 23, 2018) but I know he is seeing me and I want to make him proud.

He has taught me so many life lessons that I will continue to live by until I finally get to meet him again.

He was, is and will always be an inspiration to me.

Even today, while I am writing this, I miss him but I thank The Almighty that he gave me a father like my Abbu.

Abbu, I miss you. I wish you were here.

Thank you, Asif, for telling us about your incredible father.


Dhaneswar Samal

Photograph: Kind courtesy Nagen Samal

"I admire my dad's patience and principles," says Bhubaneswar's Nagen Samal.

My first memory of my father is one filled with huge affection.

He was returning from work and I saw him from 300 meters away from our home. With less construction back then, the visibility of the road was almost 1 kilometre.

I rushed to the completely exhausted man, claiming him as all mine, sidelining all my six siblings.

My father tried to convince me that he was coming home and not to run like that since I was just a toddler.

The obdurate me couldn't understand his advice and started throwing and breaking a few utensils. This incident became teasing material for my siblings.

Looking back, I see my father, Dhaneswar Samal, as a man who had perfect discipline, control, calculations and foresight, all of which define him as a human being.

We always had the option to voice our opinions on his decisions, though he would manage the costs.

He was a perfect example of raising kids with morals, fulfilling all our needs with his satisfying skills.

I always admire his patience and principles and hope I can have a small chunk of that.

Thank you for all the education, principles and values you have given us. You were a superhero.

Love you always.

Fathers are indeed special, Nagen. Thank you for letting us know about your dad.

Share your daddy stories, and daddy pictures, with us.

Tell us what makes your father special, what makes the picture you are sending us special.

Let's celebrate our dads this Father's Day (June 16).

Write to us at (subject: Father's Day) with your name and where you are from. Don't forget to include that picture.

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