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Milind Soman's diet may surprise you

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: May 25, 2021 16:43 IST
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IMAGE: This is what Milind Soman's lunch looks like.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Milind Soman/Instagram

Milind Soman, 55, has taken to Instagram to reveal his diet.

'Since a lot of you have been asking about what I eat, here you go!' he wrote as he shared his daily food chart with his fans and followers.

According to the fitness enthusiast's post, Milind drinks around ½ litre water when he wakes up.

That's followed by breakfast at 10 am which includes some nuts, papaya, one melon, and any seasonal fruit like mangoes.

He has a simple lunch of rice, dal khichdi with local and seasonal vegetables around 2 pm.

'It's one part dal/rice and two parts of vegetables,' he reveals.

If Milind doesn't eat rice for lunch, then he substitutes it with six chapatis with dal and vegetables.

'Very rarely, like once a month, (I have) a small piece of chicken, mutton or an egg,' he continues.

5 pm is tea time and Milind has a cup of black tea sweetened with jaggery.

Dinner is around 7 pm, and it includes a plate of vegetables

'If (I am) very hungry, (I have) some khichdi. But no non-vegetarian food,' he says.

Before sleeping he has some turmeric in hot water, again sweetened with jaggery.

Even his dessert is 'mostly sweetened with jaggery', that's if he eats a sweet.

'I stay away, as far as possible, from over-refined, processed and packaged food.

'No supplements or extra vitamins. Water, as required, never cold, and no soft drinks.

'Alcohol once or twice a year, maybe a glass,' he adds. 'No change during quarantine. Only addition was kadha taken four times a day.'

While this is his usual diet, Milind revealed that it might change depending on where he is and what is available.

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