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Pix: They're CHIC! They're BOLD! They're HOT!

By Anita Aikara
February 02, 2019 10:00 IST
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Three fashionistas share their style tips with Anita Aikara/
Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani/


Tridisha Baruah

Name: Tridisha Baruah

What are you wearing?

I'm wearing a pair of jeggings, a velvet cropped top, black boots and a matching bag.

I completed the look with choker and an H&M jacket.

One look at my outfit and you will notice that black is my favourite colour.


Fashion mantra

I like to wear anything that's comfortable. My style depends on my mood.

If I'm up early, I'll dress up.

I am not a dressy person and mostly prefer denims and loose shirts.

Comfort is important and I love to experiment.

I am not one to follow trends. I believe in setting the trend.


Pooja Verma

Name: Pooja Verma

What are you wearing?

I am here for a day event, so I chose a neutral palette.

I am wearing a sweater with a skirt. I put the look together.

It is a fall look. And, as it is not very hot, I didn't mind wearing a jacket.

I have noticed that people tend to wear loud colours for fashion week, so I decided to go for a neutral shade.

Fashion mantra

I am into minimalism and don't do quirky designs.

Even with make up, I love nude shades.

Athleisure is my go-to clothing and I'm more of a street-style kind of person.


Ruchi Maggo

Name: Ruchi Maggo

What are you wearing?

I chose a floral sari by a Jaipur designer and paired it with a coral blouse.

I love playing around with colours and always add a contrasting element to my look.

Today, it was the contrasting blouse. I completed the look with a pearl necklace.

Fashion mantra

I love to experiment. You will always spot me wearing something chic and bold.

For me, comfort and style go together.

I feel people should be comfortable in what they wear.


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