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Pix: Off-ramp hotties at fashion week

By Anita Aikara
February 01, 2019 09:45 IST
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These two lovely girls have one thing in common, discovers Anita Aikara/

Bhaar Kaur 

Name: Bhaar Kaur

What are you wearing?

I have a friend who is a stylist and she dressed me up.

I'm a DJ, so I usually choose comfortable clothes and shoes.

On the job, I end up standing for hours so I like to wear jumpsuits, and that's what I am wearing right now too.

Sneakers are my all-time favourite.

I played with the blue and black combination. For my eyes and lips, I chose a shade of purple.


Fashion mantra

I wear whatever is comfortable.

I like minimal accessories and love to wear chokers, which are feminine and sporty as well.

I don't follow trends nor do I want to set any trends.

For me, fashion is about being comfortable. I love to experiment.

Anamika Vanpariya 

Name: Anamika Vanpariya

What are you wearing?

I'm a huge fan of sustainable fashion.

I didn't put much thought on choosing the colours I'd like to wear for LFW. Instead I opted for something comfortable.

I'm wearing a winter jacket which I picked up from a thrift shop in Surat.

I paired it with a blush pink knit top, brown hot pants, black PUMA shoes and a matching handbag.

Fashion mantra

I like to strike a balance between comfort and style.

I love to wear athleisure separates and that's something you'll spot me wearing on a daily basis.

It looks great and is very comfortable as well.

I am not into high-end brands and I love picking up stuff at thrift shops.

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Anita Aikara /
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