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Why Is Kunal Kapoor Dressed In Pajamas?

Last updated on: October 19, 2022 14:16 IST
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Are pajamas the new pantsuits?

With ongoing work-from-home culture, are sheet-to-street aesthetics the new normal?

Kunal Kapoor, who turned 45 today, seemed to think it wasn't not such a bad option. 

He took to the runway in a three-piece loungewear that screamed 'comfy'. 

IMAGE: Paras and Sonam Modi's showstopping creation is clearly for those who don't mind sporting a night-time look during the day.  
Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani/


IMAGE: The designers feel this 'comfortable yet regal silhouette' is a versatile and fun look for the festive season. What's your take? 


IMAGE: The show was inspired by memories from their visit to a beautiful palace in Varanasi. 
'The scenic beauty of the peacocks, the marble fountains, the kaleidoscope of hues and it's mystical aura is what we channelled into our new collection,' they say. 


IMAGE: Reha Sukheja models a one-shoulder layered dress, paired with matching pants.  


IMAGE: Cape-style jackets are no longer meant only for women. 


IMAGE: Kunal, Sonam and Paras.

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