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Men, This Is Why You Should Listen To Kunal Kapoor

October 26, 2022 10:50 IST
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There's no dearth of good-looking men in Bollywood; Kunal Kapoor, for instance, is sure to feature in a list of India's hottest male celebrities over 40. Women have not stopped crushing on him since his Rang De Basanti days. 

He is a family man now and seems to have gained a few extra kilos. But his fan base hasn't changed. 

When Kunal recently strode the ramp in PJs for Paras and Sonam Modi, he received an amazing response. 

The showstopping appearance coincided with his birthday week -- the actor turned 45 on October 18. 

He took to Instagram to thank his followers for the love and wrote: 'Walking into a new year of life with a tankful of positivity and a big smile on my face.'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Kunal Kapoor/Instagram

Kunal chatted with Mayur Sanap/ about the style mistakes men make. 

"A common dressing mistake is wearing stuff you are not comfortable in just because it's trending. That's not a good idea. Always wear stuff that works for you."

His second advice? "Not being groomed enough is another mistake," says the always well-turned-out actor.

He rates looking scruffy, dirty, having uncut nails and not paying attention to how you smell as big turnoffs.

As for the skincare tips that men should follow, he says, "The most important but underrated thing is eating well and sleeping well. If you do that, your skin will take care of itself."

Watch the video to find out the three qualities Kunal finds attractive in women. 

Video: Afsar Dayatar/

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