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'A year is a long time to get your sex life back'

April 06, 2023 09:54 IST
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She says she has a very positive relationship with fashion.

Kalki Koechlin may not be your dressed-to-the-teeth everyday fashionista, racking up the bezillion social hits and sassy fan comments, but she's got a sharp eye for fashion, even if she leans on comfort, and when she walks in a room everyone knows Kalki has arrived.

Mayur Sanap/ gupshups with the actor about style boundaries, wacky clothes and dressing her little daughter Sappho.

What is your go-to style?

It really depends on what my functionality is. When I'm a mother, I dress like an athlete.

When I'm an actress, glamour is involved.

It really depends on where I'm going and what I am doing. I don't like to box myself.

What do you love about the fashion weeks?

My relationship with fashion is very positive. I love that fashion always pushes the boundaries.

We call them (designers) crazy or wacky or out there. But they are the ones setting the next generation for us. They are the ones telling us to be more fluid, or more experimental or open minded. So I love that about fashion.

Who picks the clothes your daughter wears?

We're in that phase where she loves to choose her wardrobe and mine. We do that a lot.

Three truths for young moms.

I know what it feels like to drop your phone on your baby's head.

I know that a year is a long time to get your sex life back. But it's going to happen.

You have to know that it always keeps changing -- the motherhood thing. It's never going stay the same, and you got to adapt.

Life's valuable lessons.

Things change all the time, especially in today's time where things are changing very rapidly. You need to be open to that.

Favourite travel destination.

I love New York.

I also love any mountain range anywhere that doesn't have phone network.

I would love to go to South America.

WATCH: Kalki's tips for people who don't like working out.
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