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JEE Advanced 2023: 8 Mistakes To Avoid

May 30, 2023 12:02 IST
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A common mistake students make is either they don't have a focussed strategy or there are too many gaps in the study plan, warns Dr Rajesh Pandey, Academic Head, Engineering, Aakash Byju's Digital.

IMAGE: Kindly note the image has been posted only for representational purposes. Photograph: PTI Photo

When you choose engineering as a career you start seeing yourself at one of the IITs and why not?

The Indian Institutes of Technology are among the top ranked colleges in India and admission to the IITs is only enabled if you crack the competitive IIT-Joint Entrance Examination.

This journey is full of challenges and is always backed by the deep-seated learning of concepts, where sharpened skills nurtures the vehemence of achieving the goal that you have formulated for yourself.

But in this journey, sometimes, students lose the technique to manage time, study plan, etc.

This is when frustration overpowers planning and progress, eventually affecting your grades.

So you need to be progressively be dynamic towards your goals.

If you are appearing for the IIT-Joint Entrance Examination Advanced, scheduled on Sunday, June 4, 2023, these are some of the common mistakes you need to avoid in order to get a top score.

Mistake #1. Overlearning

If you have a vision you will have a plan. And vision comes from following a syllabus with boundaries.

If you are one of those students who strive to overlearn everything from different resources, it is recommended to stick to one set of notes that you have prepared for the JEE Advanced syllabus. This will save you a lot of time, energy and confusion.

Mistake #2. Ignoring the Marking Scheme

A complete understanding of the paper marking scheme is all you need to know at first hand, to understand the chances and repercussions of having a negative mark.

A thoroughgoing detailing of the marking scheme will surely save you in your exam. 

Mistake #3. Arrogance

Being overconfident when you prepare for the exam or if the success is snuffed out by arrogance, you may lose out on securing a seat in your dream college.

While it is important to be confident in your preparation, avoid getting into the territory of overconfidence.

Mistake #4. Covering the Whole Syllabus

When you know each topic given in the syllabus, then Yes! You are prepared.

To gain such confidence in your preparation, never forget to close your syllabus within the time limit and refrain yourself from choosing your favourite subject only.

It is recommended to give equal importance to each section to have a dextrous mind for application of the concept.

Mistake #4. Lack of Consistency

When you stick to the plan of action, then scenarios like lack of confidence, unpreparedness, struggle in understanding can be easily managed with consistency.

Remember to take small steps every day as these steps will bring you closer to your goal.

Never stop learning. Be consistent in your efforts and preparation.

Mistake #5. Excessively Taking Practice Tests or Not At All

Anything in excess is toxic.

This is true about the exam preparation process as well.

Your ability to self-study will be hampered if you take too many practice exams or test series. Keep that off limits, then.

Similarly, not enrolling in any mock exams can also work against you.

It is recommended that you allot enough time to prepare for mock exams so that you can have an idea of the real exam scenario which will help you manage your time better and also improve your accuracy.

Mistake #6. Poor Strategies

A common mistake students make is either they do not have any focussed strategy or vision or there are too many gaps and loopholes in the study plan that eventually get the better of them.

Your strategy and study plan should cover the curriculum, have a strict timeline for completion, address your weaker areas and sharpen your strengths.

There should be ample time for revision, attempting and analysing mocks as well.

Mistake #7. Not Placing Enough Emphasis on Deadlines

While you create your own schedule, it is equally important that you strictly adhere to it.

An uneven daily plan that is sometimes followed and ignored as per your convenience can hinder your motivation.

If you miss out on a day or a couple of chapters, remember to spend extra time to cover up so you can stick to your deadlines.

Mistake #8. Anxiety And Lack of Confidence

Regardless of the circumstances or study techniques you adopt, on the day of the actual exam, having confidence in yourself is crucial.

Believe in your abilities and trust your preparation.

Your confidence can boost your performance and help you to overcome any challenges that you may face during the exam.

A student with a calm and planned mind is more capable of delivering results than someone who has worked hard for 365 days without a proper strategy.

Once you set your goals, be consistent and confident about working towards it.

All the best!

Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/

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