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This article was first published 3 years ago  » Getahead » 'I've lost my job and the future scares me'

'I've lost my job and the future scares me'

February 24, 2021 09:24 IST
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What do you do when you’ve lost your job during the lockdown and are unable to get another one?
Get expert advice from HR Guru Mayank Rautela.

Lost your job?

Kindly note that this image has been used for representational purposes only. Photograph: Kind courtesy Nathan Cowley/

Dear reader, are you just starting out in your career and want to know the right steps you need to take?

Not sure how to prepare for your first interview? Or your first online interview?

Struggling with office politics? Or with working from home?

Have a bad boss? Or a colleague who is undermining you?

Nobody seems to listen to you at meetings?

Have you hit a dead-end at work and see no way out?

Send in your concerns to our HR guru Mayank Rautela at (Subject: Mayank, can you help?).


I'm Swagato Ghose, 32, from Kolkata. During the pandemic and because of lockdown, I lost my job. I'm a marketing professional and worked for a print and packaging company based in Hyderabad.
The situation is very difficult because, even after trying hard for the past two to three months, nothing positive is materialising.
No organisations revert after the interview process and the salary offered during the interview time is negligible when compared to what I was getting before this lockdown happened.
It's getting unbearable and I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown as the future seems absolutely uncertain.
I'm badly looking for a decent opportunity, but there seems to be very little hope in these tough times as it looks like the recruitment has frozen in most of the good companies.
I am really worried about the future and don't know how my professional career is going to shape up.
How do I survive this phase?
Thanks and regards,
Swagato Ghose

Hey Swagato.

Hold on! Never give up as life is always full of ups and downs.

A job loss in the time of a global pandemic is not a result of your performance but due to the slowdown in the economy.

Things are now getting back to normal and most companies have started selective hiring.

This is the time to start reskilling in your area of work so that you have the right skill sets that companies are looking for in your field.

Keep yourself engaged with some freelance work or even charitable work.

Remain positive and healthy and close to your loved ones.

You have a bright future.

Hello Sir,
Many people seem to enjoy this new work from home routine but I find it very difficult.
My name is Sunita, I am 32 and have two young children.
I work for a small company.
Earlier, when we went to office, work ended when we left the office unless there was an emergency. But now, work does not end.
Work output has increased but the boss is not trusting that we are working.
Our salary has been cut so financially too it is difficult.
How do we deal with all this stress? Getting a new job is not easy now.
Thank you for your help.

Hi Sunita.

The best way to manage the stress is to consider yourself fortunate that your organisation has continued with your employment.

I’m sure you understand that the current economic scenario has not yet picked up and the job market is tough.

As far as your manager is concerned, set clear expectations with her/him at the beginning of the week/day.

Send her/him your task list and then an update at the end of the day/week.

Communicate through email so that it is well documented and there is no ambiguity.

You can also do some breathing exercises and ensure your diet is healthy to manage your stress levels.

Dear Sir,
I was delighted to see your article on
I am male, 42 years old. I work in Bengaluru.
I am an engineer in a semi-conductor design EDA (electronic design automation) company in Bangalore.
Nobody seems to listen to me at meetings.
I can’t do work fast and I can’t complete my work within the deadlines given.
I have poor communication skills.
My mind is pre-occupied and I waste a lot of time.
I can’t remember the things I updated in the preparation and I used to get angry because of this.
Please help me become a better professional.
Name withheld on request.


You need to get your confidence back.

Think of the times you did well in life and were successful. It could be your college days, your earlier job or even in your personal life.

Remain in the company of positive people who look at your plus points.

Plan your day well; start with some exercises.

Make a ‘To Do’ list and ensure closure of your work as per the time line.

All the best.

Respected Sir,
I am Nishant. I have seven years of experience in the HR field but, since two months, I am unemployed.
I am not growing in my career and I feel stuck.
I feel frustrated wondering what I should do.
I did my full-time MBA in HR and marketing, yet I am still struggling for a good remuneration.
How should I handle this situation?
Nishant Singh

Hi Nishant.

Please remember 'Average people chase money and money chases competent people'. So don't make remuneration a parameter of your success.

Work on upgrading your knowledge and skills. Enrol in some good online courses from reputed institutes and learn about the latest trends in HR.

Look for opportunities in industries that are picking up, like healthcare and information technology.

You must also connect with senior HR professionals through professional channels like LinkedIn.

Feel free to send me a LinkedIn invite.

My name is Sneha Mukherjee. I'm 23 years old. I don't work but I need help for my fiance.
He works as an assistant executive.
He's going through mental pressure from his company and wants to change his job.
He had applied for many jobs. In fact, he has been applying for jobs since two years but is not getting any job.
He's the only earner for his family and his family condition isn't going well from both mental and physical side.
I request you to please help. How can he get out of this situation?
Thank you

Hi Sneha,

Please advise your fiance that if he wants a good job, he must first focus on his current job and do well there.

He has to be a success there; only then other organisations will hire him.

Explain to him that all jobs today are demanding and stressful and changing jobs will not help him.

He must focus on his current role, perform well and then he can look for another job.

Though it's your personal life, my advice would be that you too should start working and get married only once both your careers are on the right track.  

Mayank Rautela is the chief human resources officer at Care Hospitals.

He is a management graduate from the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies and holds a master's degree in labour laws from Pune University.

He has over two decades of experience in the field of general management, strategic human resources, global mergers and integrations and change management.

He has held various leadership positions across marquee companies, including the Piramal Group, the Tata Group and multinational healthcare organisations like CR Bard and Becton & Dickinson.

Send in your workplace concerns to Mayank Rautela at (Subject: Mayank, can you help?), along with your name, age, where you work (eg, Mumbai, Lucknow, Agartala) and job profile. Do let us know if you wish to keep your question anonymous.

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