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'I feel proud and blessed to be her son'

By Rediff Get Ahead
May 04, 2021 12:39 IST
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We asked you, Dear Readers to share what makes your mom so special.

IMAGE: Achyut with his mom Shyamali Mazumder.

This is what Achyut Mazumder from Durgapur, West Bengal has to say about his mother.

"I'm the proud son of Mrs Shyamali Mazumder," he shared.

"I am really lucky to have a mother like her and there are uncountable reasons behind my saying so.

"I just cannot understand from where she brings in so much love and affection for all. She is a awesome chef too.

"I am really very greedy and would book her as my mother for the number of times I am born."

Bhavesh Jain shared a long post about his mother Manjula Jain.

"A mother is the biggest gift that God has given to mankind.

"My three brothers and I have been lucky to have been showered with such a gift from God.

"My mother, Manjula Jain, had faced a lot of ups and downs in life, but she never let any of those challenges affect me or my brothers.

"My mother believes deeply in our Jain religion and philosophy. She had the ultimate desire of becoming a Jain Guruji (also called as Marasaheb in Jains).

However, being the eldest sibling among three brothers and a sister, she bowed to societal pressure and got married at a young age.

"Though married, she kept herself involved in Jain teachings and rituals by practicing it to the greatest extent possible in family life.

"Her practicing of Jain religion never led to a compromised upbringing of her children nor did it affect her duties towards the extended family.

"She had formal schooling up to 7th grade. However, she ensured that I focused on my education and attained a masters degree.

"Throughout the 50 years of her life, she got exposed to all worldly attractions.

"She has travelled extensively to various places in India and twice to the US. Despite that she never gave up on her desire to be Jain monk.

"Today after ensuring that all her children are well-settled, she finally got on to her desire and denounced the world to become Jain Guruji.

"She was renamed Margdarshita Marasaheb. Margdarshita stands for someone who guides people. She is now teaching Jain principles in different parts in the country.

"My mom, who was my first teacher in life, is now a teacher who teaches good human values to society to help uplift them.

"Normally mothers go out and tell people how proud they are of their kids, but in my case I feel proud and blessed to be her son."

As we celebrate Mother's Day on May 9, we ask you, Dear Readers to tell us why your mother is so special.

Write to us at (subject line: 'My Mother') and tell us why your mom is so special along with your NAME, MOTHER'S NAME, and where you LIVE.

Don't forget to attach photograph(s) of your mom and you. We'll be posting the best entries right here on

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