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Why you shouldn't cook potatoes in a microwave

December 06, 2016 11:30 IST
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Did you know that heating potatoes in a microwave without piercing may possibly lead to an explosion?

There are certain kinds of containers and food items that if kept in a microwave oven, can prove to be hazardous and can harm your health severely.

Here are certain type of food items that you should never heat in a microwave oven:

#1. Eggs

In case you attempt to hard boil the eggs in your microwave oven, you are prone to either wind up with a major mess or with burned fingers.

The quick warmth from the microwave creates a considerable amount of steam in the egg, which may cause it to burst and create a short circuit as well.

#2. Celery, spinach and beetroot 

Heat can bring about the nitrates of these vegetables, which can make them toxic and discharge cancer causing or carcinogenic properties.

So it is best to remove these vegetables from whatever dish you're heating.

#3. Frozen meat 

Frozen slices of meat are very difficult to defrost in a microwave oven. Thinner edges begin cooking while the thicker centre stays frozen.

Furthermore, if your oven does not rotate the food while cooking it, it can prompt uneven distribution of heat, which in turn, permits the growth of bacteria.

The most secure approach to defrost meat is to defrost it overnight in the refrigerator.

#4. Breast milk 

Heating frozen breast milk warms it unevenly, which can cause burning spots for sensitive infant mouths.

Numerous studies have found that this warming strategy may destroy some of breast milk's 'resistant' boosting proteins, especially on high energy.

A better way is to fill a mug with water and then place a bottle of breast milk in the mug to allow it to come to room temperature.

#5. Potatoes 

The combination of high temperature and water used in cooking potatoes in a microwave can have adverse effect on its nutrition content.

Also microwaving a potato without pricking a few holes on its skin may lead to an explosion inside the oven.

#6. Grapes 

Despite the fact that grapes are comprised mostly of water, they can really blow off when they are microwaved.

Recordings of grapes giving out white hot and fiery plasma have been chronicled on the internet as well.

They tend to splatter inside the microwave and spoil the dish that they are being cooked in, leaving behind a pungent smell.

#7. Hot peppers or chilli 

Microwaving one of these spicy vegetables will not just result in a smoking vegetable, it will additionally perhaps set them on fire.

Furthermore, capsaicin, the compound that makes hot peppers hotter, is discharged in the heating procedure.

So when you open your microwave, capsaicin is discharged in the air, bringing your eyes to sting and your throat to burn.

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