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How to avoid gaining weight in winter

November 25, 2016 10:40 IST

Don't binge only on the laddoos, have some sarson ka saag as well.

IMAGE: Resist the temptation for winter treats to avoid weight gain. 

As soon as the winter sets in, so does our cravings for mungphali ki chikki (peanut chikki), laddoos, gajjar ka halwa and dry fruits.

While we surely have the time of our lives eating them, we often forget that in all the festivity and fervour, we are also piling on kilos.

And when we wear the old summer clothes again after the winter is over, we find that we can't fit in them any more!

But that doesn't mean you deprive yourself of the goodies and don't relish the winter treats.

You can do that all, if you keep the following tips in mind:

1. Count your sweet treats

If you feel like having it, go ahead and have that gud laddoo but don't forget to burn those extra calories later on.

Promise yourself that for every extra laddoo, you would walk for half an hour and burn those extra calories.

This way, even though you won't lose weight, you won't end up gaining any.

2. Go green

While winter is a time to have all the sweet treats, it is also a time when your leafy greens are in full bloom.

So don't binge only on the laddoos, have some sarson ka saag as well, which would add essential vitamins, iron, and other nutrients to your diet.

3. Be active throughout the day

Winter also makes us lethargic and we all love to curl in our beds and sleep an extra hour to beat the cold.

To counter the effects of all that laziness, it would be a good idea to stay active throughout the day and do some form of exercise to keep the kilos off.

Take the stairs instead of the lift; walk to the metro station, instead of taking the rick, and walk as you drop your child to school.

What's more, you'll get to enjoy the pleasant weather and fresh air.

4. Have lots of water

Make sure to increase your fluid intake as well, because many times due to the cold we don't drink enough water which is crucial for weight loss.

If you can't drink plain cold water, have it warm and flavour it with a little ginger and honey.

Also, restrict your tea and coffee intake and do not have more than four cups a day, even if you want to.

5. Have low calorie days

Okay, so you ended up attending a few wedding parties and binged uncontrollably on the gajar ka halwa, gulab jamuns and rabdi, night after night.

However, once you're done with the parties, go for a few low-calorie days.

Stay off high-calorie foods completely and have more of fresh fruits and vegetables to balance it out.

Lead image -- a still from Daawat-e-Ishq -- used for representational purposes only.

Avantika Kukreti