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Strong, sexy abs: The Bani J way!

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
Last updated on: April 18, 2018 09:50 IST
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Former Bigg Boss inmate Bani J's has been inspiring her one million Instagram followers to embrace a healthy lifestyle with pics of her workout.

Bani J

Photographs: Courtesy Bani J/Instagram

Bani J's (better known as VJ Bani) sculpted body, strict fitness regime and workout pics are an inspiration for many. 

The fashion conscious DJ, fitness model and former MTV presenter has a love for all things healthy -- you only need to browse through her Instagram pics to understand that.

She has the body to inspire and those killer abs can make you rethink your fitness plans. 

Bani, who regularly updates her one million Instagram followers about her diet and workout regime, can inspire anyone to get started on her journey to good health. 

Presenting some ab-liscious workout pics from her social-media photo-sharing app that will inspire you to post your next workout stat too. 

Get motivated!


'Live, laugh, love, learn. That's all I pretty much want to do with my life.' 



An 'off day' for her is about 10+ hours of sleep, a protein pancake and of course, some exercise.



For those who are curious to know how she manages to stay so fit, here is the answer:
'How am I able to train twice a day while working a 12 hr shift?
'How am I able to stick to eating clean?
'How am I continuing to train on such little sleep?
'What is the secret to this sorcery?
'I'll tell you, what I've figured out so far.
'Because I've never slept so little and lived so much either.
'It's a first for me working 12 hrs daily, get my lifting and cardio in (at separate times) and continuing with meal prep and driving up and down.'


'Lifting and eating healthy is something I love to do, so is performing acting, both require time.
'Which we always seem to be running out of.
'People on sets will not always understand my need to train and eat the way I do.
'(People keep asking me) 'why I can't just order take out?'
'Why must everything be weighed?'
'Nothing will happen if you just skip a day?'
'But isn't that so time consuming?'
'Too extreme ya!' 'It's endless.'
'Not everything requires an explanation, especially if you're not doing it for someone else.'


Isn't it time you followed her for some Insta inspiration?
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