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Fat to fit: How I lost 25 kilos

By Chintan Sampat
January 25, 2019 08:30 IST
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Mumbai-based Rediff reader Chintan Sampat, 45 tells us how he changed his lifestyle, lost weight and gained confidence.

You too can share your weight loss journey with us.

Chintan Sampat

Once I decided I had to lose weight, I started waking up earlier than usual.

I'd wake up by 5.30 or 6 am.

I started following a strict diet regime for a few months along with brisk walk for 45 minutes twice a day.

I'd start my day with a glass of hot lemon water.

During the day, I'd have four litres of lemon water followed by a few cups of black coffee. 

This helped me get rid of stubborn fat. 

My friend helped by motivating me. She also made my diet plan.

Without her I would not be able to achieve all this.

My diet was mostly liquids and salads for five days a week. No oil, ghee, sugar, wheat and rice. 

Even the veggies were tossed in tomato and cooked to avoid oil.

I had sprouted beans, low fat paneer without cooking, moong dal chillas, soups for lunch and dinner.

The toughest part was to resist my craving for food.

If you have the right inspiration and determination to lose weight it can be done easily.

The most important part is to love yourself.

Age is just a number. Celebrities like Salman Khan have proved that and made me realise that I too can achieve a six pack.

If I can do it, anyone can. Your transformation can change your life.

Here's my detailed schedule:

  • Wake up between 5.30 and 6.00 am 
  • Have a glass of hot lemon water
  • Brisk walk for 45 minutes
  • After shower: Have tea or milk (without sugar)
  • Lunch: Dal with veggies or green vegetables cooked in tomato or sprouted beans cooked with tomato (No oil or ghee; no rice and wheat also)
  • Evening: Black coffee (without sugar)
  • Dinner: Moong dal chilla with paneer or chana chaat or any vegetable soups (without butter or sugar) followed by brisk walk for 45 minutes.
  • Ensure to drink four litres of lemon water through the day.

This regime is to be followed strictly for five days a week. On weekends, you may follow your regular meal along with nuts in morning.

Once you lose stubborn fat and weight, join a gym and start working out at a slow pace. 

I am looking for a personal trainer who can help me achieve my next target of getting a six pack.

Reader Invite

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Share your detailed diet plan, workout tips and advice with our readers.

Write in to (subject line: 'Fat to Fit'), with a before and after photograph, if possible, and we'll feature the best entries right here!

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Chintan Sampat